Kids are better off playing outdoors. It keeps them physically and mentally healthy. There are playgrounds everywhere including public parks, schools, and more. For those concerned about their children’s safety, installing artificial grass outdoors is recommended. Here’s why you should install synthetic grass Sydney for kids’ playgrounds:

It’s Safe:

Safety is, in fact, the number one priority for installing synthetic grass on playgrounds. Artificial grass offers a soft cushion that absorbs shock and reduces the chances of getting injured from falls. Also, the grass features soft blades, so there’s little to no risk of getting cut.

When wet, natural grass can be very slippery and could even result in slip and fall incidents. On the other hand, synthetic grass Sydney is made of materials that don’t get slippery even while it’s raining. So, you can rest assured that your children will be safe playing outside.

It’s Cleaner:

One of the benefits of artificial turf you will love is that your children will return home clean and mess-free after playing outside. Playing on a ground with natural grass will cover children with dirt and mud. You’d end up dealing with more laundry right after. This burden can be prevented with the installation of an artificial grass.

Less Maintenance:

Another advantage of artificial grass is that they are easy to clean and maintain. No more mowing, fertilizing, and watering the lawn! All you have to do is hose down the turf regularly for getting rid of debris. It’s quite simple to use a blower or a broom to keep away dust and other unwanted items from the turf.

It’s Highly Durable:

High quality synthetic grass is made from materials that last a significant period of time. They won’t show signs of wear, and definitely saves your money in the long run. Synthetic grass is also proven to last longer than other options such as rubber surfacing. An artificial turf set up by synthetic grass suppliers could last for several years even with minimal maintenance, thus making them ideal for playgrounds.


A synthetic grass playground is suitable for everyone. Not only kids, but adults (including those with mobility issues) also find artificial turf incredibly useful. People using wheelchairs will find it easier to move around a synthetic grass surface. If you are aiming to provide an accessible playground, synthetic grass is your choice.

Weather Resistance:

Another factor that makes artificial grass appealing is its ability to hold up to every weather condition. Extreme heat or cold would never affect the turf in any way, unlike natural grass. The materials used to make synthetic grass are designed in a way that they withstand harsh weather conditions. This will reduce your overall maintenance costs too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reliable supplier to know about the synthetic grass Sydney price, and install it to offer a safer and cleaner playground for kids.