“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” – Bobby Unser Do you need to lay new artificial turf in a sports arena? It is vital that the sports turf is properly laid; otherwise, the sports people who play on the turf run the risk of being injured. Laying a professional-looking and well-functioning lawn can be a straightforward exercise if you enjoy working with your hands and know how to install artificial turf.

Installing artificial turf: How to avoid the basic errors

There is no doubt that you can learn other artificial turf installers’ blunders. Therefore, here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when refurbishing the sports turf in the sports ground mentioned above:

Sub-standard raw materials

Fact is that by buying sub-standard raw materials, you are virtually guaranteeing a poor-quality end result. Therefore, it’s vital that you ensure that you purchase all of your raw materials, including the synthetic grass strips from the best artificial lawn supplier in Sydney. It is also important to go for Australian made, both for a long-lasting end result and for the health and safety of the players. Heavy metal is known to have serious health effects, especially if you have children and pets in your family playing on the surface. These are also dangerous to our environment. Unfortunately, imported products have been shown to contain these elements.


Uneven surface

A rough foundation will ensure an uneven final product. Therefore, when you have stripped out the old turf and removed any hazardous objects such as rocks and tree roots, you need to take your time preparing the surface area that the new artificial grass strips will installed on. Use a highly-accurate spirit level to make sure that the ground is completely level before you proceed to install the lawn. The base needs to be at least 50mm deep and compressed with a compactor.

Poor drainage

Part of the installation process is to ensure that there is adequate drainage underneath the grass strips; otherwise, the turf will become waterlogged and dangerous to play on. Standing water will also decrease the sports turf’s life expectancy; thereby; costing you time, effort, and money when you have to replace the lawn sooner than expected. Therefore, a good way to create proper drainage is to install a deep foundation layer filled with crushed rock and sand.

Uneven joins and unsecured edges

Once you’ve finished laying the perfect foundation for the artificial grass arena, it is important to make sure that you join the grass strips correctly.  Otherwise, the lawn will look poorly installed, resulting in an uneven surface that it is hard and costly to repair. This can also cause trip hazards, making the space dangerous for players. Similarly, it is important not to forget to secure the edges of the lawn; else these sides will turn up and fray, damaging the lawn itself as well as causing potential injury to people using the area.

Final words

The most relevant point about installing sports turf is to ensure that you take your time with every part of the installation process. Thereby, ensuring that you end up with a quality result. Finally, should you have any further questions, navigate to the page where there is a list of FAQs that you should know before buying artificial turf. Especially in a large area such as a sporting ground, it is highly recommended to hire a professional synthetic grass installation company. You can contact Australian Synthetic Lawns and request a free measure and quote for large projects in Sydney.

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