There are several compelling reasons to dig out your troublesome, labour intensive, and expensive to maintain natural lawn and replace it with hassle free, low maintenance artificial turf.  However, before you race off in search of the best artificial turf in Sydney, there are 8 Frequently Asked Questions that you need to find the answers to in order to find the best quality product and the right installer for your money.


How good is the quality of the product?

Some questions to be asked are:
•    Is the product UV resistant?
•    Is the product locally manufactured? (Imported products may not be suited to Australia’s harsh climate and often contain dangerous heavy metals and toxins).
•    What guarantee is offered? (A typical manufacturer’s warranty is 7 years).
•    What is the typical life span of the turf? (Usually 10 to 20 years depending on use).
•    Is the turf pet and child friendly?
•    Is the turf environmentally friendly?


How does the price compare to similar products?

Do your homework thoroughly here, but be careful to compare apples to apples; the turf comes in different heights depending on your specific requirement.  Check also if the product is locally manufactured or imported as this may push the price up.


How long does the installation take?

Obviously this varies according to the size of the job, but an average small job should not take more than a day at the most to install.


How knowledgeable are the staff?

Check how well trained the staff are, and how well they know their own products.


How experienced is the company?

How long has the company been in the industry? What do previous clients say about the quality of the work performed and the level of service?


What kind of service does the company offer?

•    Does the company offer a free measure and quote service?
•    Is your decision to accept or decline a quotation free from time pressures?
•    Is the company happy to let you go inspect a previous job of your choosing? The reality is that pictures on a web site can be misleading.


Who supplies the installation company?

How long have the artificial turf suppliers been active in the industry?  How many other installation companies use their products?  A lot of installation companies that all use the same supplier is a good indication of the quality of the product.


What products are available?

Does the installation company listen carefully to your requirements and recommend the best product for the specific area? There are some grass products that are more popular than others, but you should be offered a variety of different looks, colours, pile height and feel.

Armed with the answers to these pertinent questions you are well on the way to obtaining the best artificial turf in Sydney and actually having the time to sit back and enjoy it.





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