Many people get confused about what the difference is between fake turf, synthetic grass, artificial lawn, and other variations. They’re all interchangeable terms for the same thing – a good-looking, trouble-free synthetic lawn that offers a high-quality alternative to natural grass.

The reasons why synthetic grass is a great solution for many households are becoming more compelling by the week. Here are 8 benefits of synthetic grass to consider if you are thinking about installing it in your own backyard.


1. Maintenance free

Synthetic lawn does not need mowing, trimming, watering, or fertilising. Once it is installed, it can be left to its own devices.  All you need to do to maintain it in its prime and pristine condition is remove any debris and leaves and then sit back to enjoy its beauty.



2. Resistant to Pests

Because the synthetic turf is made in a similar way as a carpet is made, the latex backing is so strong that pests such as moles cannot dig through it.



3. Eco-friendly

Unlike early AstroTurf versions, the modern synthetic lawn is very eco-friendly. It avoids the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process, cuts water usage dramatically and therefore reduces your carbon footprint. In the manufacturing process, only the very best virgin raw materials that to not contain any toxins or heavy metals are used.



4. Drought resistant

Artificial lawn is drought resistant. It retains its colour and pile in the toughest of conditions; and, as a result, always looks lush no matter what the weather conditions are. We only use Australian made turf products that are made and tested to withstand our harsh weather conditions.



5. UV resistant

Synthetic lawn is also UV resistant. Each individual grass fibre is coated with a substance that prevents the UV or sun rays from penetrating the fibres. This helps retain the lawn in its original condition where natural lawn will burn in the hot sun.



6. Suitable for a variety of surfaces

This artificial lawn is great for those shady places where real lawn never grows properly or for small areas such as median strips and sidewalks. It can be used on almost any surface, including existing lawn replacement, concrete, pavers, tiles, timber decking and asphalt. We can install it on balconies, rooftops, swimming pool areas, patios and even caravans.



7. Child and pet friendly

It’s important to install an artificial lawn that is not dangerous or toxic to both children and pets. The products we use are free of toxins and heavy metals, and offer a soft and safe surface for children to play on.




What more could you ask for from your lawn?

Once you have decided to install an artificial lawn, it is important to find a company that is fully trained in all facets of synthetic grass installation and delivers the very highest quality of finish. This makes all the difference to the life and durability of your lawn and ensures it will stay looking rich, beautiful and realistic for years to come.

If you’re looking for professional synthetic grass installers in Sydney and New South Wales, then Australian Synthetic Lawns is the outfit for you. With 15 years of experience in the field, fast and efficient service, and competitive rates, our synthetic lawn installations have a reputation that is hard to beat. Contact Australian Synthetic Lawns today for a free quote and measure and let us advise you on your lawn needs. We love what we do and pride ourselves on our personal touch.





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