This is how our professionals Tim and Andy remove the existing lawn and prepare the base at a recent job. The end result looks fantastic!


This is the way the site looked before we started working on it. Unfortunately, many people cannot grow a healthy looking natural lawn due to a lack of natural light or the quality of the ground. In this case, the backyard was too dark in some areas and the clients were not able to use their backyard to its fullest potential. Australian Synthetic Lawns Australian Synthetic Lawns

Digging out the existing grass

We use a turf-cutter and either our excavator or shovels to dig out the existing grass. The area needs to be excavated to a minimum depth of 70mm below finished height to ensure no grass or weeds grow back below and through the synthetic turf. This depth also allows us to add a generous and levelled base. Australian Synthetic Lawns

Preparing the base

The next step, and perhaps the most crucial one, is preparing the base. It needs to be completely levelled and flat for the end result to look tidy and professional. We use Blue metal dust and level and compact it to a minimum depth of 50mm. The thickness once again ensures that no natural grass or weeds grow through.  Australian Synthetic Lawns Australian Synthetic Lawns Australian Synthetic Lawns  Australian Synthetic Lawns After the base is carefully levelled and compacted, we lay the grass and secure it with heavy duty steel U-pins. After that, the sand needs to be brushed up with a power broom and then filled with sand.


The final result from this installation! Australian Synthetic Lawns Australian Synthetic Lawns Australian Synthetic Lawns If you are interested in getting synthetic grass installed in your backyard, why not learn more about Australian Synthetic Lawns or requesting a non-obligatory quote? We would love to hear about your project and hope to serve you in the future.           Australian Synthetic Lawns