At Australian Synthetic Lawns we understand that choosing the right company for your synthetic grass solutions is not easy. This is why we put a list together with questions you should ask yourself and the company who is consulting you.

Who are you talking to?

When it comes to synthetic lawn solutions or any other trade it is important who is consulting you, gives you information, answers questions and, most importantly, gives you the price. Are you talking to a salesperson or a professional tradesman?

What is the quality of the product?

In the synthetic grass industry quality is everything. This is why you should ask yourself the question where your products are coming from. If the synthetic grass company says that their products are Australian made and owned, you should ask for the “Australian made and owned” label on the samples. This is the best way to see whether the quality is good and whether your consultant can proof their advice.

Can you take enough time to make your decision?

Unfortunately there are a lot of salesmen who use pressure “tactics” to convince you of signing a contract. Think about whether the person who consults you gives you enough time to talk your decision through with your partners and families.

How experienced are the installers?

This is a question you should definitely ask yourself if you are looking for a high finish in your garden. Even though the installation might look easy and you think you can do it yourself, it requires a lot of skill and experience in this industry.

How realistic is the price?

You should never make a decision based on only one quote. Get a few prices from different companies and take your time to choose based on the best quality AND price.

Can you convince yourself of the quality?

Ask the companies who quote you if you can speak to someone they have done a job for before or if they can give you an address of a reference site. Convince yourself of the quality – words and pictures can mislead.