Transforming dull, boring school yards into a bright, vibrant playground.

Because of their durability and hard-wearing nature, synthetic lawn school playgrounds and playing fields are the quickly becoming the most popular surface choice for schools in Australia.


Benefits of installing Artificial Grass

There are many benefits to contracting Australian Synthetic Lawns to install your school’s artificial grass:


Health and safety

School ground safeness is paramount; therefore, we comply with the Australian Health and Safety Standards. National statistics show that there has been an enormous increase in outdoor activity, and an increase in the number of falls from jungle gym and obstacle equipment. Should play equipment be installed, before we lay down the synthetic lawn, we install special rubber underlays to protect falling children from harm.


Drought resistance

The globe, including Australia is prone to prolonged droughts with below-average precipitation. Installing synthetic lawn prevents your school’s fields and playgrounds from turning into dust bowls as it does not shrivel up and die from hot, dry, and windy conditions.


Environmentally friendly

Synthetic grass has a very long lifespan – even in high traffic areas, it usually lasts around 10 – 15 years before it needs to be replaced. This makes it not only environmentally friendly, but also very cost effective for large commercial spaces such as school grounds. At Australian Synthetic Lawns, we use recycled materials wherever possible to leave the smallest possible impact on our planet.


Endless designs

There are many options other than the ‘normal’ artificial grass available. Our skilled installers can mark out traditional sports courts such as basketball, volleyball, netball, and 4 squares. We can also install different coloured designs such as the black and white squares of a chessboard.



We are passionate about artificial grass and its benefits and pride ourselves in installing a quality product. We have installed play and sporting areas in many schools over the last 10 years and guarantee you to offer the best value for money in the field.

Our service and installations are underpinned by our supplier’s years of experience in manufacturing artificial grass, as well as their time spent in innovative research and development.

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