A quality artificial grass is something that is stunning, long lasting, and easy to use. They require minimal maintenance too. You’ll never have to worry about mowing or watering, but there are few things you need to be careful about. So how do you ensure your artificial grass for dogs remains in good shape? This guide will help you out.

Cleaning Your Artificial Grass:

Artificial grass must be cleaned from time to time, so that it will look as good and eye-appealing as ever.

  • Remove Debris: You will have to deal with debris a lot. Homeowners often find tree leaves on the lawn, along with other stuff making the turf dirty. You could either handpick them or use a dustpan and brush to remove most of the debris. If there are too many leaves or smaller debris, a leaf blower or a bristle broom will do the trick.
  • For Pet Owners: If you have pets, giving that extra care for your lawn is important. A perfectly installed artificial grass for dogs will have a good drainage system, however it might not be so easy to get rid of the smell of dog urine. You can hose down the grass whenever required, but if that doesn’t work, use a disinfectant liquid to eliminate the stench.
  • Soiling: At some point, your artificial grass may get soiled in the form of food spills, animal waste, and the like. In case you are wondering, it is still easy to clean and maintain your turf. Clean lightly soiled portions with a mix of detergent and hot water (not boiling), and gently scrub the area using a sponge or flannel. Never use chlorine bleach or cleaning products having over pH5 acidity. For tougher wastes such as tree sap and chewing gum, freeze them with dry ice and scrape the items off using a blade.
  • Periodic Cleaning: Adequately cleaning the turf on a periodic basis can be helpful. If you own pets, hose down the grass once every week to make sure they look clean and fresh. Use an antibacterial solution for cleaning purposes. The product you use must be safe for both your children and pets. Presence of dog waste can pose a health risk, which is why you should use antibacterial sprays to get rid of bacterial growth.

Other Important Maintenance Tips:

Use a power brush or a stiff brush quite often to ensure the artificial grass for school playgrounds is standing upright.

Move the garden/outdoor furniture regularly to prevent the grass from flattening.

Even though artificial grass is a fire retardant, it is ideal to keep away heat sources such as BBQs, fireworks, and more that could possibly melt the grass.

Get in touch with expert artificial grass installers if you’d like to know more about cleaning and maintaining an artificial grass for pool area. They will be happy to assist you.