In all sports – and particularly sports that require a smooth, well-manicured and flat surface – the ground underfoot is of the utmost importance. That’s why artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular option for professional and recreational lawn bowls. Why? Because of its durable, evergreen and maintenance-free nature.

Do you have a lawn bowls club, professional competitive field or home playing area? Are you tired of constant maintenance, including mowing and excessive water usage? Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, our team of experts has far-reaching experience in the installation of both commercial and private synthetic surfaces. Begin unlocking the benefits of lawn bowls artificial grass today!


Why choose Artificial Turf?

Weather-proof and evergreen

Our range of natural, lush-looking surfaces provide a slip-free, hard-wearing, comfortable foundation for aspiring and professional bowlers to play on – no matter what time of year it is. Don’t let bad drainage, droughts and inclement weather get the better of your game.

Your ASL lawn bowls artificial turf will serve as a good-looking and long-lasting asset to any sporting environment, providing its players with many years of strong and stress-free playing surfaces. All year round!


Hard-wearing and healthy

One of the benefits of artificial surfaces is that they withstand constant contact from shoes and heavy bowling balls. However, at the same time, synthetic turf is soft, comfortable and non-toxic, allowing younger players and less active individuals to enjoy it without risk of hurting themselves.


No more maintenance

Although maintenance is a seemingly unavoidable part of running a lawn bowls environment, there are alternatives. You actually don’t have to spend your valuable time mowing, watering, treating and manicuring the field! At Australian Synthetic Lawns, we install maintenance-free surfaces that require little effort – allowing you to focus on the games at hand.

Don’t let budgets hold you back

We don’t charge by the square metre but evaluate each space depending on its size, access and other components. That means that especially large and flat spaces are great value for money. Synthetic grass is a fantastic cost-effective investment in the long run.


We can all do our part to contribute to the positive development of the surrounding environment. That’s why at Australian Synthetic Lawns, we use recycled materials where possible, including products for dressing and edging. The synthetic grass surface itself is free from hazardous substances and chemicals too, keeping natural water sources and rain water uncontaminated and making your space safe for humans and animals alike.



Our team is made up of some of Australia’s best installers and landscapers, some of whom boast over 15 years’ experience in artificial surfacing. Our friendly experts are always on hand to offer advice on the products that best suit your set-up, and the installation itself is quick and efficient. We pride ourselves on personalised, friendly and professional customer service.

We are fully confident in the quality of our industry-leading suppliers’ products, after over 30 years of artificial turf manufacturing in Australia.

Our experience and ultimate passion for what we do will make a tangible difference in the spaces we transform. Get a free measure and quote from our friendly team of experts today.