In any sporting environment, the ground underneath a player’s feet has an immense impact on their performance. That’s why soccer teams and managers all over the country are opting for artificial turf in professional, school, club, and home soccer environments as their first choice of surface.

Australian Synthetic Lawns specialises in installing commercial artificial turf for soccer use, including both indoor and outdoor areas.


Why is Synthetic Grass the best solution for soccer grounds?

Consistency, no matter the weather

At Australian Synthetic Lawns, we supply and install natural, lush-looking artificial soccer fields that are slip-free when wet, as well as hard-wearing, safe, and comfortable to play on, irrespective of the weather. Gone are the days of water-logged pitches and muddy fields, churned-up turf and dead patches in dry seasons.

Your Australian Synthetic Lawns soccer court will be an attractive asset to your club, school or university, and it will provide your players with years of enjoyment. Through every season.


Durable, safe, and healthy

Artificial grass withstands years of damage from soccer studs and heavy falls. The soft surface is gentle on active bodies, including young children – giving them the benefit of improving their soccer skills without hurting themselves or the ground underfoot.

Australian Synthetic Lawns’ products are non-toxic and safe for all ages and levels of sporting expertise.



Frustrated with the hours of mowing, growing and maintenance? At Australian Synthetic Lawns, we install maintenance-free artificial grass for soccer fields that doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, or treated with growth-enhancing chemicals!



Synthetic grass in sporting environments is an extremely cost-effective solution. Even in high traffic areas, it lasts between 10 and 15 years and is great value for money in the long run. Plus, you save on maintenance expenses including staff, equipment, water and chemicals.


Safe for the environment

Our manufacturing and installation processes are free from hazardous substances and chemicals. On large surfaces like soccer fields, the use of toxins can endanger natural water sources, which is why synthetic grass is a safe solution for humans, animals and the environment.



The Australian Synthetic Laws team comprises highly-skilled, knowledgeable installers and landscapers, some of whom have been in the business of surfacing sports fields with artificial grass for over 15 years. Our experts will offer advice on the best-suited product for your unique sporting space before carrying out an efficient installation.

In addition, we are confident in our industry-leading suppliers’ products, after over 30 years of artificial turf manufacturing. We take pride in meeting your needs with a personalised implementation of their materials.

Above all, we love what we do and would love to hear about your project. Get a free measure and quote from our friendly team of experts today.