Installing synthetic grass around a pool is a fantastic solution. The problem you may experience with real grass is that you easily carry dirt into the water, clogging up the filter and contributing to the high maintenance. Artificial grass is not slippery and therefore provides a safe surrounding, unlike tiles or timber.

With a range of specialised artificial grass for pool surrounds to choose from, Australian Synthetic Lawns provide only the highest-quality, locally-sourced surfaces, transforming and framing pools for all purposes – from home and school pools to major professional spaces. We’d love to work with you as you bring a bit of green to the water’s edge.


Why should I consider fake grass pool surrounds?

Limitless – through every season

Looking for surfaces that don’t die off in winter, and won’t get water-logged and slippery? Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, we supply and install Australia’s most natural, lush artificial turf pool surfaces – slip-free, durable and comfortable all year round.

Unaffected by rain, dry spells or harsh weather conditions, your synthetic grass pool surrounds will provide professionals, families, students and swimmers of all ages with decades of enjoyment, from autumn through to summer.


Healthy, hard-wearing surfaces

With state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes, the synthetic grass sourced by Australian Synthetic Lawns won’t fall prey to foot traffic and excessive water with pool chemicals and dirty feet. The soft surfaces are non-toxic and easy on active bodies of all ages, keeping health risks to a minimum whilst also protecting the natural environment from harsh maintenance chemicals associated with traditional grass surfaces.


The magic of maintenance-free turf

Looking to escape the hassle and dangers of tiles, bricks and other hard surfaces? Or are you tired of mowing, watering, and treating with growth-enhancing chemicals? With artificial grass for pools, you’ll save time and money without having to lift a finger to keep surfaces green, clean and looking neat.


Our grass is greener

There is little point in enhancing a space if we are harming the environment it sits in. That’s why here at Australian Synthetic Lawns we believe in giving back to this environment by using recycled materials where possible. All our surfaces contain no dangerous chemicals, toxins or heavy metals, keeping the surrounding fauna and natural water sources free from contamination.



Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, our friendly team of experts has over 15 years’ experience in installing and providing artificial surfaces in a range of sporting environments and residential spaces, including pool surrounds. Our landscapers and highly-skilled installers will provide sound advice before proceeding with any installations, ensuring that you’re getting the product that best fits your space.

Our suppliers are Australia’s first synthetic grass manufacturers, offering top-of-the-range quality Australian Made products. The performance of the products we use is backed by a 7-year warranty and evaluation and testing to Australian standards.

Above all, here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, we love what we do, and we’d love to welcome you on board to get your pool surrounds looking neat and lasting decades. Get a free measure and quote from our friendly team of experts today.