Getting active and reaching one’s full sporting potential shouldn’t be an exercise restricted to the outdoors! Sporting teams across Australia are discovering the benefits of fake grass for indoor spaces – in professional, school, club, and home environments around the country. Why?

Well, indoor sports provide year-round protection from inclement weather and harsh conditions with functional spaces that give players and fitness enthusiasts a space to engage and excel, no matter the season.

Australian Synthetic Lawns are specialists when it comes to installing and supplying synthetic grass for indoor spaces, both commercial and residential. Discover the benefits:


Why go for an Indoor Artificial Lawn?

Bring nature indoors

Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, we supply and install only the most natural-looking indoor synthetic grass that performs beyond expectations under any sporting activities – just as you’d expect a well-manicured outdoor field to. Slip-free, durable and comfortable: without the hassle of water-logged fields and poor growth to let your team down.

Plus, our indoor fake grass looks and feels just like the real thing, and use cases aren’t limited to sporting environments! Brighten up an indoor entertainment area or line a playroom with the highest-quality, non-toxic surface for kids to explore and play in the safety of the home.


Long-lasting use

Artificial grass for indoors is unmatched in terms of its performance over the years, staying clean, lush and functional with little maintenance required. However, it remains soft underfoot, keeping active bodies (of all professional and aspiring levels) supported – without fearing the heavy, painful falls associated with hard traditional indoor surfaces.


Variety and safety

We have a large range of products available that make your indoor space safer for athletes and children. For child-care centres or gyms, we generally recommend the use of a ‘soft-fall’ surface, which is a rubber product that is installed below the lawn. You can customise the end result by choosing components such as the thickness and softness of the base.


Hassle-free and great value for money

Our range of surfaces is competitively priced, and the installation generally takes between one to 5 days, depending on the size of the area. If you are looking for an upgrade that guarantees you return on investment, artificial grass is a great option. It will not only look better, but also be more versatile and safer for your clients.

Earth-centred excellence

The products we use are free from lead, toxins and heavy metal, making it safe for both humans and the environment. We also choose to only use the highest grade, virgin raw materials available – from the manufacturing plant’s production process to dressing materials.


Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, our team boasts some of the country’s leading installers and landscapers, with over 15 years in the business. With this in mind, we are driven to help find the best solution for your unique indoor environment, before proceeding with expert and efficient installation.

Our suppliers also boast almost 40 years’ synthetic grass manufacturing experience. They are at the top of the innovative product development game worldwide, and we are proud to tailor their offerings to your needs.

Our experience and expertise in artificial grass is matched only by our passion – and is sure to make a tangible difference in your environment. Get a free measure and quote from our friendly experts today.