The quality, condition and durability of a cricket pitch has far-reaching impacts on the performance of players. But in a world with ever-changing weather conditions and so much foot traffic, it can often be hard to keep cricket pitches looking neat and lush. That’s why the Australian cricket industry is turning to artificial surfaces for their good looks, evergreen conditions, high levels of comfort, and easy maintenance.

From national competitive levels to home recreational fun, Australian Synthetic Lawns specialises in supplying and installing sporting artificial turf for cricket pitches. With only the highest-quality surfaces and decades of expertise behind us, we look forward to helping you transform your sporting environment and improve the space for all involved!


Why use Artificial Grass for Cricket Pitch? 

Climate-proof consistency

The problems with real grass pitches include very extensive maintenance and inconsistent conditions due to the weather. After a lot of rain, the lawn can be soggy and build puddles of water, making it impossible to play. Synthetic grass is a solution that keeps the pitch slip-free, safe and comfortable – no matter the weather.


Practical, safe and long-lasting

All our products are free of toxins and heavy metals, making it a safe surface for players and children as well as animals living in the surrounds.

Cricket is one of the toughest tests of any synthetic grass surface as most of the play is concentrated over a very small area of the total surface. At Australian Synthetic Lawns, we use exclusively Australian made and extensively tested products that have proven to stand the test of time.


​Value for money

Synthetic grass is an economical investment offering excellent value for money. You won’t have any maintenance expenses and no watering is required.


Eco-conscious surfaces

All stages in the product lifecycle are free from hazardous substances and chemicals. You can rest assured that no natural water sources or rain water are getting contaminated with unnecessary chemicals. While the product itself is synthetic, we try to use recycled materials wherever we can, including for infill and edging.



Here at Australian Synthetic Lawns, our team is made up of some of Sydney’s most knowledgeable and skilled landscapers and installers – with decades of combined experience. Working with us offers the benefit of expert advice on products best-suited to your unique environment, well before carrying out the installation.

We also take immense pride in our industry-leading suppliers’ products, after over 30 years of artificial turf manufacturing. They lead fields of innovative product development in Australia, and we look forward to evaluating and implementing these within your unique context.

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